FBI: Parsons investigation "absolutely active and ongoing"

Her name hasn't been in the headlines lately and her face hasn't been on a lot of television screens, but those who are trying to find Erica Parsons and discover what happened to her two years ago are still working hard on the case.

The Rowan Sheriff's Office, SBI, and FBI have been working together ever since the case came to the attention of law enforcement in July.

Erica Parsons was reported missing by her adoptive brother in July, but hasn't actually been seen in more than two years.  And in spite of the investigation and national media attention, there has been no sign of the girl.

In reply to an inquiry by WBTV on Wednesday morning, a spokesperson with the FBI wrote  that  "Our joint investigation with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office is absolutely active and ongoing at this time.  We are continuing to follow leads and using a variety of investigative tools to locate Erica."

"We always welcome hearing from anyone who saw Erica to try to help us build an even more accurate timeline of when she was last seen."

In recent weeks investigators have told WBTV that they are still waiting on test results from evidence that was seized during searches of the Parsons former home on Miller Chapel Road, and the property of Sandy Parsons family members in China Grove.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Rowan Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8700.  

A combined reward of $15,000 is available.

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