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Think you're cold? Trying working in this weather!


For most, the brutal cold we've seen over the past 24 hours is unbearable. Trying working outside in it.

That's the reality for Dylan Buck, a 20 year-old parking valet who works in uptown Charlotte.

"When we're busy, we're doing a lot of running," he said. "In and out of cars, busy. That will help you keep your mind off the cold as well."

And Buck is quick to admit, that whole 'mind over matter' philosophy only go so far in this frigid weather.

"There's always a point where it's just really cold you know," he said.  

Which is why he says dressing in layers is a must and told WBTV, "I have two pairs of socks, long johns. Then I have my dress shirt for work and then I have jacket on top of that and another coat on top of that.

From the frigid -- to the fiery inside Brixx Pizza in Dilworth. Buck would probably be glad to change places with Everado Perez, a cook who stands in front of blazing wood-fire oven for hours at a time.

"It's too hot, you know," he said.

Perez works in short sleeves -- and still breaks a sweat expertly wielding a long-handled pizza pan in and out of the oven making sure every pizza is just right.

It can be taxing especially during the peak mealtimes.

"Two, three hours when it's busy," said Perez. "When it's not busy, I'm going into the back or somewhere."

Somewhere fire isn't give off more than 500 degrees worth of heat. Still he says he'd take his job over Buck's any day.

"I feel better right here," he said. "It's too cold out there."

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