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Veterans prepare for a new kind of danger zone


Hazardous hot spots are too often common in places of conflict, but former servicemen like Ranon Barber are returning home and preparing for hot spots of a different kind.

"We transported cargo and personnel from point A to point B, throughout Afghanistan," He said.

The Afghanistan veteran is part of class 92 at the Charlotte Fire Academy.

Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannon is among those understanding the value of having individuals who have been put in harm's way elsewhere.

Hannon said, "They've proven they can function in hostile situations."

When it comes to bringing new hires on board, the Charlotte Fire Department is following a national trend that keeps an open mind and door in filing slots for recruit classes.

Captain Jeremy Kennedy is assigned to the training academy.

He says men and women with battlefield experience bring an added set of skills to the job. "They tend to get it a lot quicker, and tend to be appreciative of what they got."

Kennedy buys into that theory because he served as an airman in Iraq, and that's something Ranon Barber can relate to.

"I'm just glad to be able to serve here and serve my country abroad," Barber said.

Members of class 92 are scheduled to graduate later this year.

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