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Queen's Landing partner assures customers it has not closed down

Photo courtesy Queen's Landing Photo courtesy Queen's Landing

The wind and the boats aren't the only things making waves on Lake Norman.  Word started to spread that the popular Queens Landing had shut down.  

That would mean people out of work, canceled events, and a blow for the local economy.  

Debbie Harwell, one of the managing partners, was working the phones to assure clients that was not the case.

"Queen's Landing right now is like many of the tourist operations, going into a winter mode, a season mode," Harwell told WBTV.  "Right now we're operating events and banquets."

What has changed is the operating hours, and Harwell says the weather is to blame.

"We are continuing to operate events and banquets.  Next Saturday we have 100 people riding the boat, a good many scheduled events continuing on." Harwell added. "It's a little bit chilly right now in order to be taking the boat out for just a few people so we decided to wait until March 22."

But the rumors persist.  

On Facebook pages for Queens Landing, and the lakeside grill called Mavericks, there were a lot of questions.  

Why didn't they answer the phones, and why were all of the workers let go?  When WBTV stopped by unannounced on Tuesday there were three people who appeared to be working, and when we called the main number it was answered, by Debbie Harwell.  

One man told WBTV that brides who had booked and paid for weddings were out of luck, but Harwell says that is not true. 

"Every one of our events is still on, everything is completely on schedule, nothing has changed as far as the banquets or weddings," Harwell said. "The only thing that has shut down right now until March 22 is our putt putt course, our lakeside grill, and rides on the lake during the week and the weekends until March 22." 

She says workers weren't fired, but placed on seasonal leave.   

In past years operations have been scaled back during the fall, this is the first time it's been to this degree. Harwell says Queen's Landing should be up and running with normal hours in mid March. 

Harwell also told WBTV that Queens' Landing is still booking events by phone and online.  She said that on Tuesday before 3:00 pm they have booked 12 weddings, along with several family reunions and dinners.

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