Waffle House waitress surprises customer

Smothered, covered with kindness

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - It didn't take long for Mandie Gardner and Cassie Schiele to become friends. Mandie met Cassie when Cassie would come to her Waffle House after doctors appointments in Concord.

"She was talking to the server about my hair and it was the same color as hers. It (mine) was about to my knee at the time," said Mandie.

Mandie says the two bonded over her hair because Cassie had lost hers due to chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

Mandie hatched a plan to cut off her own hair and have it made into a wig for Cassie. That plan didn't quite work out but Mandie refused to give up her quest to help find her friend new, beautiful hair.

Mandie enlisted help from her Facebook friends and got together enough money to buy Cassie a wig.

Last week, she surprised Cassie as her whole family came into the Concord Waffle House to eat. Check out the video to see why Cassie is so grateful.

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