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Panthers prepare to host San Francisco 49ers


It is official. The Carolina Panthers will play the San Francisco 49ers in the play-offs this Sunday.

"I'm fired up," Panthers Player Mike Tolbert said. "I've been fired up since San Fran won last night. I am ready to go."

Also fired up is Steve Smith.  Despite his injury he is confident he will be on the gridiron on Sunday.

"I think I will be fine for Sunday," Smith said. "I give it a 60 - 40 shot."

The Panthers know they have their work cut out for them to beat the 49ers, but they believe they are up for the job.

"We've done it once," Panthers Player Mike Tolbert said.  "We can do it again, but we have to be prepared for everything they bring us."

The Panthers started this season 1-3 and ended up with 12-4.  Many didn't think the Panthers would have made it this far.  Now players are eyeing the chance to play in Super Bowl 48.

"That's the ultimate goal around here," Panthers Player Brandon LaFell said. "Is to get into the Super Bowl. Keep winning, win two, get a bye week then win the Super Bowl."

Panthers Coach Ron Rivera calls Sunday's game important and is happy the game is being played at Bank of America stadium.  He thinks that will make a difference.

"It means a lot," Rivera said. "It really does. It's been great all year. We deserve to be here and give a good experience to our fans."

Panthers will be practicing all this week to be ready for Sunday.  Tolbert says practice plus his  before the game activities get him ready on Game Day.

"Listen to my music," Tolbert said.  "Get in the right zone, go over my playbook, and when the lights come on - the monster comes out in me."

If the Panthers win Sunday they will play either Seattle Seahawks or New Orleans Saints.

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