Woman says hot yoga transformed her life

Woman says yoga reversed symptoms

What an exciting way to start a New Year, with a new a series!  We've started 'Keeping You Healthy' on WBTV News Mondays at 5:00.  It's a chance to share how people are taking care of their well being, from prayer to Pilate's, from lunges to laughter.  What are you doing to work toward the happiest, healthiest you?

Tonight we kicked off the series with a firecracker, Nancy Lynn Williams.  She turned 58 January 1, 2014 and says she has never felt better in her life.  She believes practicing yoga, specifically hot yoga, is directly responsible for a new lease on life.  She started practicing yoga about nine years ago.

"I had acid reflux and I was taking prescription medicine for that.  And being on the computer all day I was starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome.  They put me in 600 dollars worth of plastic splints and braces and I didn't like that! I wore them for maybe a week and then yoga fixed my carpal tunnel!  I don't have that any more! And I don't take medicine for reflux either," Williams told us.

We visited Yoga Oasis for one of their hot yoga classes where the temperature can be as warm at 100 degrees.   Owner and instructor Elaine Parker says the temperature makes it easier for your muscles to stretch.  "This way you're getting the heat from the outside in, it's good for your muscles it kind of loosens them up and you're getting a lot of junk out of you cause you're sweating a little bit," she said with a smile.

The focus in yoga is not just the positions, but also breathing.  That, Elaine says calms the spirit and works wonders on stress.  She's been working with Nancy since she first started taking classes.  "In addition to all the health benefits that go along with yoga there's what happens to our bodies when we're stressed, we don't feel good and we don't look good. That's one of the most dramatic things I've seen with Nancy,  is that she's dealing with stress in different ways and it's not so time consuming to her!"

Nancy says she sees a difference in her overall appearance too, "I feel like I'm aging gracefully!"  Elaine concurs.  "She's able to let things go and she looks a lot younger because of it!" Another benefit Nancy says, is she sleeps like a baby now, through the night until her alarm clock sounds.

Now always consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program.

I want to hear from you- what simple things are you doing to feel happy and healthy?  It doesn't have to be something outrageous it can be a simple walk every day with your best friend.  Or prayer at church ever day.   Reach out to me on my Facebook Page Maureen O'Boyle WBTV and post a comment there, or email me at Moboyle@wbtv.com!

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