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Woman fights back against brain disorder


Emily Boyd is fighting back against a brain disorder that has changed her life forever.

"I was really nervous here," Boyd said, looking at a photo of her last hospital visit.

Boyd suffers from a brain disease called Pseudotumor Cerebri (Intracranial Hypertension). The condition causes a buildup of pressure inside your skull. According to the Mayo Clinic, the pressure is linked to an excess amount of cerebrospinal fluid within your skull. Symptoms mimic a brain tumor.

In 2013, Boyd underwent two invasive surgeries to relieve the pressure inside her skull. "I have a shunt in my side and about two feet of tubing in my stomach," Boyd said. "It connects to my spine and helps drain excess fluid."

The surgeries seem to be helping Boyd. Her symptoms have subsided. Now, she is using her energy to fight back against the disease that changed her life.

"I want to help find a cure," Boyd told WBTV. "I want to raise awareness about the disease."

Boyd said she also wants to prove that she can fulfill her dreams of finishing college. "This is not going to stop me," Boyd said.

Boyd is using social media to raise awareness for the disease.  Her Facebook page has more than 800 "likes." It also serves as message board for people living with this condition.

Boyd is also in the process of organizing a benefit walk that will be held in September. Proceeds will support Pseudotumor Cerebri research.

Those looking to join her battle can contact Emily at 336-848-1301.

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