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Police: More charges for jailed man who tried to sell items stolen from mom, stepdad

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A Rowan County man's attempt to pawn thousands of dollars worth of items at several local pawn shops didn't work out well, according to a report at the Rowan Sheriff's Office.

According to the report, Joshua Senk visited several pawn shops in Rowan County, including Quick Cash, where he tried to pawn several pieces of stolen power equipment.  One item was a chainsaw that had been stolen from his step father.

Senk also visited Reliable Pawn and tried to pawn a laptop computer that he stole from his own mother, according to investigators.

At Rowan Gun and Pawn, Senk tried to pawn a chainsaw.

Investigators were alerted to the thefts by the owners.  The items were stolen in November.  Most items have been recovered.

Investigators have drawn warrants on the charges related to the stolen items, but the warrants haven't been served yet.  Senk is currently being housed in the Neuse Correctional Institute.  Investigators plan to serve the warrants in the next few days.

Senk is well known to local law enforcement.  In October Senk attempted to smuggle urine into a drug test.

Police say Senk was visiting his probation officer at the office located at 205 W. Kerr St.  

According to the report, when Senk went into the bathroom to provide urine for a drug screening, he was observed removing a glove that was inside his pants behind the zipper.

In the glove was a small container filled with urine.  Senk then poured that urine into the container provided for the drug screening.

Investigators told WBTV they believe Senk had brought "good pee" with him and tried to pass it off as his own, but was caught by the probation officer.

In May, Senk was charged with manufacturing a controlled schedule II substance, possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver a controlled substance, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances, trafficking drugs and possession of immediate precursor chemical; all are felony charges.

Investigators served search warrants at Senk's Rockwell mobile home and found six, one-pot meth labs inside and outside the home. 

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