Kauffman's fundraiser nets nearly $12,000

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Hundreds of people came together Saturday to support the pregnant widow of Marco Kauffman.  Kauffman was shot at his home in December and died. The motive was burglary and there have been arrests.

While the family is still dealing with the loss, the Kauffman's wife now has to bear some financial burdens. But she's not alone.

Big crowds showed up at Troyer's Country Market for a Bar-B-Que fundraiser.  People paid $8 a plate to help the widow purchase a new car.

"Their only vehicle was totaled," Organizer Matt Peachey said. "When Marco was shot. We would like to help her replace her vehicle."

The crowd was more than organizers expected.  They were only thought about 500 people would show up, but nearly 900 people came. Nearly $12,000 was raised. All of the money will go to the wife, despite the fact someone has agreed to donate a car.

"I don't think it's going to be a problem for a vehicle," Organizer J.R. Troyer said. "And if there is anything left over, it can go toward the baby fund or meet whatever needs there are."

Friends are still coping with the tragic death, but they believe there is a lesson that can be learned from this.

"It made me more thankful for my wife," Peachey said. "Made me want to spend more time with my friends while I have them."

The organizers say they didn't tell the Kauffman's they were doing this, they just did it.

"It's a great example of community," Peachey said. "And the church coming together to help one another."

The organizers claim they had to do something.

"To show the Kauffman's," Troyer said. "That we love them and we care for them and we feel their hurt."

Organizers say they reached the amount they did was because many customers told them since it was a fundraiser for Kauffman's family, to keep the change.

There will be another fundraiser for the Kauffman's in two weeks.

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