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Mooresville Sam's Club joins buy local trend


Touring the new 136,000-square-foot Sam's Club opening in Mooresville January 23, WBTV got a good glimpse of the way big chains are starting to really incorporate themselves into the community.

Besides hiring local, Sam's Club has committed to selling local products, produced by people who live nearby.

"If we can advertise some of their products in our club to show that we're buying from the community and trying to help the community, it makes a big impact for the people who shop here," says Sam's Club Mooresville Manager Patrick Walker.

Chain stores are finding the shop local movement to be mutually advantageous. One of the first big businesses in town to really embrace the model was Whole Foods. Brandy and Mark Jones began their own bakery a few years ago. Now their cheesecakes sit in the grocer's famously tempting treat case.

"And as a small business owner, I mean - I could go into tears just telling you about it right now," Brandy told us at Whole Food's Southpark opening. "Because it really has made a difference in our business."

Sam's Club stands to do the same for more local entrepreneurs.

If you're interested in selling a product to Sam's Club as part of its local program, call the Mooresville location.

We're told the store is also still hiring.

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