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Mother concerned about how US Airways handled her children


Amelia Old sent her kids alone by plane to Chattanooga, TN for the holidays to visit their aunt.  Old paid US Airways $100 for the attendants to protect her children while on the trip.

"Their responsibility was to keep an eye on the children," Old said. "And make sure they were safe and given to the appropriate party."

This is what the mother said happen when her children 12 and 14 landed in Chattanooga.

"When our children arrived in Chattanooga," Old said. "It was past 10PM and no one escorted them off the plane. The attendant just said have a good night and walked off the plane."

This situation greatly concerned Old.  She is on the board of an organization that tackles Human Trafficking.

"My children are at the age," the mother said. "A typical age when children are brought into this industry, and had not my Aunt been there and the children walked out - somebody could have taken them easily. It's upsetting, especially with us working with the human trafficking organization."

The parent reached out to US Airways. She says the airline told her to fill out a complaint on the website and someone would contact her in a few days.

"My issue with that is," Old said. "This is not a lost baggage. This is my kids."

Old reached out to US Airways again.  This time the airline wrote this will not happen again and gave them a refund of $100.

"They just want it to go away with $100," the mother said. "My children are worth more than $100 and again this was not about money, it was about an explanation."

Until the airline responds to the mother like she wants them to, she has taken this issue to social media.  She is getting a lot of response.  This is some of what people are posting.

"Anything could have happened to these kids," Old said. "I can't imagine how my kids would have handled this situation."

The parent wants the airline to handle this properly.

"I think there should be some sort of disciplinary action," Old said. "There are children involved and their safety was involved."

WBTV reached out to US Airways to get its side of the story, but got a recording.  We left a message wanting to know does this happen often or was this an isolated incident.

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