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Latest Health Care delay: ID's

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The last time David Perlman called his new insurance provider, he was on hold for quite a while.

"I finally hung up at 96 minutes," he says.

Owner of Action Graphics on Morehead, Perlman paid his first insurance bill back in November, but he still hasn't received his new subscriber number...his new ID card...he has no proof of insurance should he need to see a doctor or get a prescription.

And for a man with a heart condition, that can be scary.

"You know, they'll probably have to prescribe some stress pills for me," Perlman says. "Because they've put me under a little bit of stress."

It's happening to people all over - their new insurance plans went into affect January 1, but they still don't have their new insurance identification.

And that's a big problem considering insurers and Obama administration officials all say that before you seek care you should have that new health care card in hand.

"First thing you do when you go to the doctor is you walk up, they ask you for your health card," Perlman says. "I'm going to say I don't have one at the moment."

Experts say until the kinks are straightened out, you'll likely have to pay up front.

"And then I'd have to fight with the insurance company at a later date," Perlman adds.

Insurers are blaming the delays on gaps in information sent to them from the online government exchange. That's where Pearlman signed up. What makes the whole thing even more frustrating for him - he was happy with his old insurance which did cover his preexisting conditions.

"The state and the government, did cover me," he says. I" don't know why they messed with something that was working."

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