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Man accused of shooting near Muslim community in York Co.

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YORK, S.C. (AP) -

A York County man is facing serious charges after Sheriff's deputies say he drunkenly fired several shots from a gun near an Islamic community while shouting racial slurs.

WBTV spoke with the suspect who says he does have an issue with the community, but it has nothing to do with firing guns.

Joshua Casey showed WBTV the property line from his house to his neighbor's land.

Casey told WBTV, he and the Islamville Way community have an ongoing disagreement concerning where the legal property line falls.

Casey believes that dispute recently landed him in jail, charged with discharging firearms and disorderly conduct.

On December 21st, York County Sheriff's Deputies say Casey was firing gunshots on his property which sits next to the Islamville Way community (a small community that houses families and schools children of the Islamic faith).

Casey says he never fired a weapon that day.

"That was not us. I don't know where that came from, but that definitely didn't happen over here. We did not shoot any shots at all," said Casey.

According to a Deputy's report, a witness stated he saw Casey firing the shots and heard him shouting the racial slurs.

In the report, the witness also claims that Casey accused the people of Islamville Way of being terrorists.

"At this time, we don't know what those racial slurs were, but we don't believe they were anything intended to evoke violence or anything like that," said York County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Kim Morehouse.

WBTV stopped by the Islamic community where the eyewitness told deputies he saw Casey firing the shots and using the racial slurs, but he was unavailable to speak on camera.

Casey isn't only denying that he never shot any firearm that day, he's saying he didn't use racial slurs either.

"I never used racial slurs against my neighbors. We're not racist. We don't have any problem with them because of our religion, color or anything like that. This is America, we don't do that anymore," said Casey.

However, the York County Deputy's report reveals another story.

In that report, investigators wrote that Casey admitted to drinking that day and it says Casey's wife stated that her husband did discharge a firearm in the yard.

It's a claim that Casey still denies.

"That's ridiculous. I don't even know where that came from and if someone is saying that, they're just seeking attention," said Casey.

Casey is scheduled to appear in court on the charges Wednesday at the Moss Justice Center in York.

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