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Mother of man charged for going 105 on 85 disputes report

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Michael Stephen Kazaros Michael Stephen Kazaros

A woman who says she is the mother of a man charged with driving more than 100 miles an hour while impaired on I-85 last week disputes the report filed by the deputy who made the traffic stop.

 "I think you should get your facts straight before you slander another person," Juli Kazaros wrote to WBTV in an email.   "My son, Mike is a diabetic and was completely lost the night the arrest took place.  It was at night and he does not know this area at all; recently moved from FL and lives in SC."

According to the report, Deputy R. A. Amerson was on I-85 on Friday night just before midnight, attempting to stop a Mustang when he noticed a silver 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee  "pass everything on the interstate." 

Amerson then attempted to stop the SUV, and noticed that when he checked the speed on his car "it was 105 and climbing."

Amerson said that when he turned on his blue lights the SUV did pull over and stop.  This happened between the northbound exits of 79 and 81 in northern Rowan County.

"I understand that radar is not used in the state of NC, it is the officer's guesstimate that stands in court," Juli Kazaros wrote.   "THAT'S A SPACE FOR LIES....FL and other states you have to use radar for 1 mile before you can claim it to be true."

When Amerson approached the driver, he noted that he "had a wide eyed bleary stare and was white faced, talking very fast and gibbering about getting to his mother's house."

A trooper with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and an officer with the East Spencer Police Department also stopped to help Amerson.

Amerson noted that the driver, Michael Stephen Kazaros, failed several roadside sobriety tests and had trouble keeping his eyes open.

Juli Kazaros said that her son does not drink and blamed on his behavior on the fact that he is diabetic.

When asked where he was going, Kazaros told Amerson he was heading to Greenville, South Carolina.  When Amerson pointed out that he was heading north on 85, Kazaros responded "from Valdese, NC to Greenville, SC, and I-85 north is the only way to get there."

"It was at night and he does not know this area at all; recently moved from FL and lives in SC," Juli Kazaros wrote.   "The insulting reference of going North to get home in Greenville SC can easily be explained by the fact that many roads say they are E or W but actually they may be going N or S for some distance; and it is all in relationship to towns.  Which he did not know any NC towns and had no map. So your own gossip is a mirror image of the Salisbury Police in Rowan County. "

While looking in Kazaros car, the trooper found a citation that had been issued just three hours earlier citing Kazaros for going 90 in a 70 mph zone in Davie County.

Kazaros was charged with speeding, careless and reckless driving, and driving while impaired. He was jailed under $2500 bond and given a court date of January 24.

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