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Guest House guests claim manager stole their rent money

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For some folks, their extended stay at the Guest House on ogeechee Road is about to expire.

They say they are being wrongfully evicted. According to two women who live there, this is all because the woman, they claim was the manager of the Guest House was arrested, and now there's no record that they paid their rent at all.

"they called me at like 8 O' clock this morning, talking about they couldn't fnd no receipts of me paying my rent, and that i had to come up with $234 or be put out." said Rolanda Trueluck.

Trueluck and Donna Doe said the new manager and the property owner told them that they have until friday to pay their last week's rent, which they claim they've already paid to the manager who was arrested.

According to Trueluck, she was there MOnday night when police took the manager into custody. She believes it may have been because of all the missing money.

"I took Ms. Jan $450 Saturday night," said Doe.

"I went down there Friday and paid her," said Trueluck.

We spoke to a man who was working in the office Wednesday afternoon. All he said was that both Trueluck and Doe claims were untrue. 

unfortunately, the women can't prove they paid their rent because they don't have any receipts. They've never gotten any receipts for any of their rent payments.

"I asked for a receipt and her statement to me was, the printer is broken and i'm waiting for the owner to bring a printer," said Doe. 

Two other guests also said they never got receipts.

In Doe's case, not only was she told there was no record of her paying rent, she said the owner told her she's not even in the hotel system. 

"So I showed the owner my letter from the Department of Children and Family services, and said I may not have the receipt, but I do have this statement where she personally reported what i paid so far," said Doe. 

According to the letter, the manager told DCF that Doe had paid the Guest House $899. 

WTOC does have the name of the manager who was arrested. We are not mentioning her name because we have not been able to confirm that she is infact a manager at the Guest House, nor that her charge of theft by taking  has anything to do with the missing rent money. 

We are going to stay on this story, Thursday, and let you know what we find out.

In the meantime, Trueluck and Doe are worried that in two days they could be evicted.

"I don't have the money," said Trueluck. 


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