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Federal Grants helps Turner Co. get new emergency sirens

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It was December of 2007 when a tornado struck the town of Ashburn in Turner County, and residents haven't forgotten that terrible tragedy.

"It skipped over my trailer, hit the next trailer, and skipped over the next trailer and took the other trailer, and turned it over in the middle of the road," says Ashburn resident Angela Tumbling.

Angela Tumbling grew up in Ashburn and says that night was scary. Tumbling and her son took cover.

"I just went in my bathroom and sat down. It was terrible, it was really terrible," she says.

Now a federal grant will help ensure the safety of Ashburn residents and those in nearby cities like Rebecca and Sycamore.

The $42,000 grant will help purchase new weather warning sirens. They're being added to the system that's currently in place in Ashburn.

One sycamore resident says they really don't have anything in place right now so this project will be a great edition.

"We don't really know that until it happens because we don't got no sirens or nothing like that alert us about stuff like that," says Turner County resident Willie Frank Washington.

"Installing the weather for sycamore would be great because it would let citizens know when bad weather is coming," says Turner County resident Nakaja Poke.

The Turner County Emergency Management Agency Director says the two new sirens will allow them to get weather warnings out to a larger number of people, which residents say makes them feel safer.

"Well it will give us a little heads up on things, you know, get up a path you know, get out a little earlier then what we are supposed to, get us on out of their," says Washington.

"Well that will be a good thing, we have one and its real loud, everyone can hear it," says Tumbling.

"It would make it a lot safer to have more sirens then what we got," says Turner County resident. Herbert Taft.

The grant project was part of a goal outlined in the Turner County Mitigation Plan.

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