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2013 marks year of mild, wet weather for south Georgia


2013 is officially in the books. But the odd numbered year was also odd in terms of weather.

From a warm winter to a cool summer, 2013 mixed it up with a rainy season we haven't seen since the historic floods of 1994.

"In January we had temperatures in the 80's. And what's really strange is how mild the winter was," said WALB Meteorologist Chris Zelman. "The coldest part of winter was actually toward the end where in March we got into he lower 20's. So march ended up being colder than January."

February saw flooding in some parts of our area. In Worth County several roads were washed out due to heavy rains.

2013 saw minimal severe weather outbreaks and no tornadoes were reported, but rainy days were persistent.

"[It was] 64.38 inches which just beat 2008 for the 9th wettest year ever recorded in south Georgia. This was actually the wettest since 1994," said Zelman.

Who can forget 1994, with Tropical storm Alberto and the historic flood that followed.

Rain lingered in South Georgia in 2013, keeping temperatures down and giving way to terms like AugTober.

The record high in Albany during the summer of 2013 was 96 degrees that was set back in august.

"We did not record one 100 degree reading this summer. The main reason was because we just got rain day after day after day," explained Zelman.

It was an historic winter and summer 2013, the year of mild. As for winter 2014, experts say keep the coat handy, but don't throw out the shorts. It is south Georgia after all.

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