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$100,000 Still offered for murder information

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It has been four years since 65-year-old Tony Myers was gunned down in the family pawn shop in Granite Falls. Despite pleas for help, big rewards, and a lot of work by police and a private detective, the killer has not been caught.

"We live with this every day," said Jody Myers about what happened to his dad. "Someone out there knows something."

It was just after lunchtime on December 28, 2009 when a young white man walked into the pawn shop in Granite Falls and struck up a conversation with Tony Myers. Several people came and went and saw the two talking.

After an estimated half hour to 45 minutes, something happened. "He shot my father and then robbed him," said Jody. No cash was stolen, just firearms.

The suspect fled on foot and hasn't been seen since. Police have been able to develop a sketch of what he possibly looks like, but no one has been able to identify him. 

A year after the murder several of the stolen weapons were found in the woods along Highway 321, just a mile or so from the murder scene. The weapons had not stayed hidden for that year, in fact, it appeared they had been freshly dumped there.

That leads authorities and the family to think the killer may be a local person.

A reward of $11,000 has  been up in the case all along for information that could lead to a conviction.

The family added to that in a significant way in 2013 when they opened a briefcase in Hickory and showed $100,000 in cash that they are willing to give for information.

Some tips came in but none led to an arrest. 

"The offer still stands," said Jody on New Year's Day.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Granite Falls Police Department at (828)396-3358.

Steve Ehlers, the family's private investigator says the informant could call him if they prefer at (828)381-5757. 

The reward will be paid, said Jody, if the information leads to a solution in the case. "Hopefully we can bring someone to justice soon."

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