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MADD Volunteers encourage you to drink responsibly

Jill Smith, MADD Volunteer Jill Smith, MADD Volunteer
Lt. Rob Rodriguez, Moultrie Police Department Lt. Rob Rodriguez, Moultrie Police Department
Jill Smith and her father Jack Schaffer Jill Smith and her father Jack Schaffer

An Albany woman has a message about drinking and driving she knows firsthand the tragedy it can create.    

"I never got to say goodbye," said Jill Smith.  

Jill Smith's father was hit by a drunk driver and killed in 2007 in Largo, Fla.  

"He was drug 146 feet down the road. The man who killed him was a habitual offender. He had three prior DUI's and .348 blood alcohol level on the day he killed my father," said Smith.  

Her life was changed by a drunk driver.  

"I never thought there would be a time where I wouldn't be by my father's side when he passed," said Smith.  

Smith is now a volunteer with the South Georgia MADD chapter dedicated to stop drunk driving and supporting victims of the violent crime.  

"No one says that you can never have a drink again, what we're asking is that you're responsible when you do drink," said Smith.    

These cars illustrate the dangers of drinking and driving. Law enforcement officers encourage those who drink to use a designated driver, cab or tow company that offers free services to bring you home safely.  

"Have a decision in place, to get somebody to get you wherever you want to go. Don't just get out there and drink and drive and hope that you get home safely," said Lt. Rob Rodriguez.

There's even an app to find sober rides provided by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety for smart phones.  

"It is not worth the devastation it will cause to you and your family and someone else's. All we need to do is save one life," said Smith.  

Drinking responsibly is something that should be practiced not only on New Year's Eve but all year round. Moultrie Police along with their Crime Suppression Unit will be patrolling the streets tonight to stop drunk driving.

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