WBTV Keeping You Healthy in 2014

Keeping You Healthy

WBTV is on your side in the New Year celebrating your life, how you're setting goals to be healthy and sticking to them.  There don't have to be new behaviors or new habits, it could be something you've done for years now.

We'll explore the simple things that are making big changes in your well being.  Keeping You Healthy will be a new weekly series every Monday at 5 p.m. that is heavily dependent on your help!  I need your stories!

We're asking you to share your victories, no matter how small they might seem to you, they might be just what your neighbor needs to hear to make that small step toward a happy healthier life.

We've already met some of you and heard some pretty remarkable stories! We met a couple from Mooresville that has kept their bodies and their marriage strong by keeping each other accountable. We also ventured into a hot yoga class with a 57 year old woman who, before she started practicing yoga, was taking several pills a day to combat intestinal disorders!  Now, after 8 years on her mat, she's no longer making trips to the pharmacy for pain relief, she  just keeps going to yoga and her story is inspiring.

We'll explore simple things people do, from praying daily to walking the dog with friends.  What does it take to make your life better?  The answer is probably pretty simple.  We're on your side Keeping You Healthy but we need your help.  Share with me your stories of triumph not matter how minor they seem to you.  All of us can be inspired from other people's triumphs!

If you want to be a part of this very ambitious project, reach out to me, email me at moboyle@wbtv.com or through my Facebook page at Maureen O'Boyle WBTV.  Make sure to put in the subject line- Keeping You Healthy, or KYH. I'll respond to every email. And we'll all make positive changes for better lives, together!

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