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Activist warns people about celebratory gunfire


Henry Adams said he is fed up with seeing innocent people die at the hands of careless gun owners who fire weapons in celebration of the new year.

"Please do not fire your guns in the air because you may kill someone and not even realize you have killed them," said Adams.

Three years ago, Adams founded Citizens Against Celebratory Gunfire and Senseless Gun Violence. It's a grassroots movement focused on preventing more innocent people from dying, like 4-year-old Marquel Peters.

"Now this was not someone who was outside and happened to get shot with celebratory gunfire, or shootout somewhere. This was a bullet that traveled from miles away and pierced the top of a church and actually came into the service and took that boy's life," Adams said.

Marquel's death also sparked DeKalb County officials to come up with Marquel's Pledge. It's an anti-celebratory gunfire initiative encouraging people to sign a pledge not to fire their guns on the Fourth of July and New Year's Day. It also asks businesses to limit or refrain from selling ammunition two days before both holidays. Adams said he supports the campaign but also said it's not enough.

"We hear about this every single year and instead of people saying, 'OK, I am going to put myself in this situation, and I am going to be responsible,' people are still doing it. What is it going to take?" Adams asked.

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