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Simple fix alerts family to deadly CO leak


A Mooresville family is back home after a carbon monoxide leak sent them to the hospital Sunday. After feeling sick over the holidays, a simple check of the batteries to the detector may have saved their lives. 

"We could have gone to bed last night and not woken up," said Ted Freshwater. "That scares me to death cause my family is my life."

Freshwater, his wife andtwo sons woke up to a screaming carbon monoxide detector Sunday morning.  

"It's called an invisible killer," said Battalion Chief Jamie Barrier with Mooresville Fire & Rescue. "It's odorless, colorless and it's dangerous... It can kill you."

Barrier is talking about carbon monoxide. The Battalion Chief says when they arrived at Freshwater's home the carbon monoxide readings were very high. 

"Their meters were reading really high," said Freshwater. "We could hear the tone. It was beeping... especially when they got near the furnace room."

That's the area where carbon monoxide was leaking out into the home and slowly poisoning the family.

"We had real pounding headaches... splitting headaches," said Freshwater, who says the symptoms parallel the flu.

His son, Ashton, said he and his younger brother were both throwing up.

After ruling out food poisoning and sickness, Freshwater says he checked the carbon monoxide detector in his hallway. 

"The batteries were flipped around in it," said Freshwater. "So I reset it and tested it."

Battalion Chief Barrier says that test most likely saved the lives of Freshwater and his family. 

"I'm really glad that he though about it and I'm glad that my family is safe," said Ashton.

If you use natural gas, the Mooresville Fire & Rescue squad recommends adding a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home and as close to a bedroom as you can.

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