14 steps to start 2014 the right way

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so many of us watched the movie A Christmas Story.  Many people saw it more than once.  Coach LaMonte was watching and after a few viewings started to look at it differently.

He saw some motivational ideas in the movie and on WBTV News Saturday Morning shared"14 ways Ralphie and The Christmas Story is preparing us for 2014"

1.Don't be afraid to ask for what you really want in 2014 (Ralphie first struggled with asking for the BB gun)

My lesson: We don't receive because we don't ask

2.If it doesn't fit don't wear it (Ralphie's brother Randy is wearing a snow suit that is too big) mindsets, opinions, relationships...

My lesson: We can't put on the same attitude and expect a different result.

3.Prepare your wish list..(Ralphie prepared his list of what he really wanted)

My lesson: If your life doesn't expect special things to work towards why would your life do anything different.

4.  Don't expect others to be excited about the things you are excited about (Ralphie could not get people to get excited about his desire for a bb gun)

My lesson: Just because others are not excited for you does not mean you should quit. Others don't always see what you see.

5.Daydreaming accomplishes nothing...Only action will get it done! (Ralphie had an overextended imagination)

Imagination and visioning without action is a waste of time...Fix your minds on things you want to accomplish!

6. Eyes are the "lamp" to your soul...Be prepared for what sits in the window of your life. (The infamous leg lamp)

My lesson: Your life becomes what it sees the most...Put the right things in your path.

7. A single eye..Single focus, will eliminate all distractions...Don't shoot your eye out!

My lesson: 2014 is the year of focus...Stay focused to achieve results.

8.  If you find yourself saying something negative about yourself or others stick your tongue to a frozen pole, or put soap in your mouth!

My lesson: Don't allow negative words to be planted in your life or the life of others...uproot the words that will cause the most damage.

9.Expect the expected to decode the hidden messages in your life (Ralphie and the Little Orphan Annie decoder)

My lesson: Use what you have to decode what you need in life.

10.There comes a time when you have to stop running and beat what's been beating you! (Ralphie confronts the bully)

My lesson: Whatever beat you in 2013, beat it now so you can win in 2014

11.Leave no doors open...it will lead to much regret! (Ralphie left the door open that led to a horrible outcome)

My lesson: What you don't close in 2013 will follow you in 2014

12.Uninvited guests should never sit at the table of your life(The Bumpuses dogs)

My lesson: If they are not for you, don't invite them to the most intimate moments in your life!

13.The people you expect to do it for you are the wrong people...depend on the right people! (Teacher no..Santa no...His Dad, yes)

My lesson: Mission for 2014...only the right people...waste no time of wrong relationships

14.  Be bold...if you aim to hit your target, and miss, get back up...Its not over!

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