Boy brings strangers to tears with his Christmas money

Most kids would give anything to get a $100 bill. But 9-year-old Ryan Roberts would give anything to give it away.

Out of work with a shoulder injury, Ryan's mother Kelly says money has been hard to come by. But Santa found a way to scrape up enough to leave Ryan a 100 dollar bill. Yesterday he spent 2 and a half hours in the Tega Cay Wal-Mart, searching for a way to spend it.

"I looked down every single aisle, I looked under the aisles because that's where the good stuff is sometimes," Ryan said about his hours-long hunt for the perfect thing to buy with his Christmas money.

His mother patiently waited while Ryan scoured the aisles. Finally, Ryan made his way to the front of the store with his perfect picks in hand. Then he changed his mind. He decided the perfect thing to purchase was a smile from a stranger. Right there in the checkout, he made his intentions known.

"He said Mom, I want to do something nice for somebody," Kelly said.

Ryan is matter-of-fact about the steps he then took all on his own, "I went behind the cashier and tapped her on the shoulder and said can I pay for that woman's groceries?"

The cashier took a $100 bill from the outstretched hand of a 9-year-old boy and told the woman her $77 grocery bill was already covered.

Ryan's mom says the woman's reaction made everybody cry, including Ryan. "She just started crying and the tears just started rolling down her face."

Ryan wasn't done though. With $22 left over in change, he handed that over to a pregnant woman he saw while leaving the store. He said he thought she could use it. Asked if he was sad his Christmas money is all gone, Ryan simply replied with a no. "Because if it makes just one person happy," he said. No doubt it made a lot more than one person happy.

And maybe restored a little faith along the way.