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SCHP to increase New Year’s Eve monitoring

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Happening now, South Carolina Highway Patrol Troopers are out in full force, cracking down on drunk drivers now through the new year.

It's a part of their Sober or Slam it campaign and WBTV spoke with troopers on how they plan to keep the road safe and how you can protect yourself from impaired drivers this holiday season.

South Carolina Highway patrols have a message for people who plan to drink and drive.

"If you're thinking about driving after you've been drinking on New Year's eve, Think about something else," said South Carolina Highway Patrol Lcpl. Billy Elder.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is increasing the number of visible troopers in our viewing area starting Friday through the New Year.

Looking for one thing, drunk drivers.

Lcpl. Elder says beginning Friday night drivers will see more DUI checkpoints in hopes of preventing any fatalities.

Troopers say there are ways to protect yourself from impaired drivers such as reducing your speed, limiting distractions and planning ahead.

Also, if you're at a holiday party and you suspect someone has had too much to drink, don't be afraid to discourage them from driving.

"Friends don't let friends drink and drive. If you have a loved one, friend or whoever you see is fixing to make that decision, try to talk them out of it," said Lcpl. Elder.

According to Highway Patrol there were 358 alcohol related fatalities last year.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, three people were arrested for DUI by highway patrol in York County.

Trooper Elder says that's three too many and wants you to think about something before you decide to drink and get behind the wheel.

"We want people to have a good time. We want people to have a good time with family and friends, but we also want them to go about it safely," said Lcpl. Elder.

Troopers recommend you dial *HP (*47) say if you suspect a driver is impaired.

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