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Help your new Toyota be as fuel-efficient as possible!

new Toyota in N Charlotte new Toyota in N Charlotte
fuel-efficient N Charlotte Toyota fuel-efficient N Charlotte Toyota

No matter what kind of new Toyota in N Charlotte you have, you're probably interested in making sure it gets the best fuel economy possible. Most drivers don't pass up the opportunity to make the most of saving money, whether it's on the lot or at the gas station. At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we have some tips to share that can help you extend your gas budget a little bit further!

Increase your car's fuel economy with ease!

If good fuel economy is important to you, then you might be interested in learning more about the new Toyota hybrids we have at our location. With almost every member of the Toyota Prius family available to test-drive, and other eco-friendly vehicles like the Toyota  Camry Hybrid and Toyota Avalon Hybrid options to choose from as well, it's easy to locate a hybrid car that best meets your fuel economy and style preferences with ease. 

However, if you want great gas mileage you don't necessarily have to be behind the wheel of a hybrid! These tips can help gas-powered cars get better fuel economy, too. 

  • Combining trips is one simple way to help minimize the price at the gas station. By carpooling or condensing multiple errands into one trip, you'll easily save gas and not have to make as many stops to re-fuel your N Charlotte Toyota. 
  • Have you checked the contents of your car lately? It can be easy for lots of items to build up in a car, and this extra weight can have a negative influence on your car's gas mileage. Taking a few minutes to clean out your ride can help improve the fuel economy some. 
  • If you want to have the best fuel economy possible in your new Toyota near Charlotte, this means not hitting the gas pedal too hard. Accelerating at a slow and even pace is the best way to improve fuel-efficiency. Not slamming on the brakes also helps you get the fuel economy you crave, along with using cruise control as much as possible when on the highway. 
  • Finally, don't forget to get routine auto service taken care of, too. It can be easy to forget to schedule a routine oil change, but making sure that your new Toyota in N Charlotte is in top-notch condition can help it perform its best out on the roads – which helps when it comes to fuel economy!

Help your new Toyota get the best fuel economy today!

The best part about these different tips is that they're easy to practice. Need to get your car checked out? Bring it by our Toyota Service Center to have one of our trained Toyota technicians take a look at it today! 

If you have any other questions about how to help your vehicle get the best fuel-efficiency possible, you don't have to go far to find the answers you need. Contact our Service Department at (888) 378-1214 to speak with one of our team members today!


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