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More savvy shoppers mean less gift returns

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The day after Christmas is traditionally one of the top five shopping days of the year, not only for big sales, but also for returns. It turns out new technology is helping reduce the number of returns.

"I have a list, and I go by the list. So usually I am pretty good and I don't have to return anything," said shopper Schelly Houck.

Whatever your method is for avoiding returns, it's working. The biggest contributor for the decline is cell phones.

"Return day is not as big as it traditionally used to be. Shoppers have become more savvy in the way they shop. Digital technology has allowed them to communicate with other family members or friends that they are shopping for, so they are making better purchases because they can communicate while they are shopping," explained Julie Sanderson, marketing director at Franklin Park Mall.

If you do have a return, doing your research may help get what you want.

"We just usually ask the shopper, you know, to be considerate of understanding the store's return policies, maybe call ahead if you are not sure if you need a receipt, or if returns or exchanges are the policy," said Sanderson.

A good way to make sure you know the store's return policy is by checking the back of your gift receipt.

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