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Neighbors complain Fort Mill bar keeping them up all night

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Neighbors are telling WBTV noise from a nearby bar is keeping them up at night.

They live by RC's Grill and Sandbar on Highway 21 in Fort Mill.

Neighbors tell WBTV they shot cell phone video Monday night in the Cascades of River Crossing Condominium complex.

The complex is across the street from RC's Grill & Sandbar.

Mike Fratus says loud music coming from the bar keeps him and his neighbors up 3-5 nights out of a week.

"After 10 or 11 o'clock at night we have to go to bed. People have to work in the morning and kids have to go to school and it's just a ridiculous amount of noise," said Fratus.

Now, a group of residents from the complex say they've had enough, including Danny Luna.

Luna says the noise coming from the bar keeps his 6-year-old son up all night and is worried it will affect his son's schoolwork.

"We have a six your old that's trying to go to sleep so he can go to school and perform like every other kid. He's usually up to 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning listening to engines rev up, burnouts and fights," said Luna.

Fratus says he now carries a gun with him while walking his dog after a scary encounter with some of the bar's patrons.

"Their customers have actually come across the highway and have threatened to kill people here," said Fratus.

WBTV spoke with the owner of RC's Grill and Sandbar and he told us he was unaware of any threats of physical altercations and says he wants to work with his neighbors to make sure any issues are resolved.

"If we can do anything, we'd be happy to help. We're trying to work with everybody. A lot of our customers live in the neighborhood," said RC's Grill & Bar owner Scott Couchenour.

WBTV has learned Fort Mill police have been called out to the bar several times for noise complaints, but officials tell us the bar owner has never been cited for a violation because music coming from his bar is within the city's allowable limits.

Neighbors say they just want to see something done soon.

"I would like for someone to step in and control this before it gets out of hand," said Luna.

Neighbors told WBTV their homeowner's association has hired a lawyer to see if any legal action can be taken against the bar's owner.

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