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Christmas light display a full-time job for Woodville man

WOODVILLE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

For Sean Rizor of Woodville, it started like it does for so many others, he saw youtube videos of synchronized light displays and wanted to try it at his own house.

"You know, it wasn't just a simple throw together, it took a lot of work," said Sean, "The Electronics is the easy part, you know, plugging everything in, which is kind of tedious because it takes a lot of man hours to get everything set up and plugged in. The programming is actually what takes the longest." 

Sean typically uses 50,000 lights in his display. Living in a new house this year, he's downsized to 20,000. Not that that's small.

The music that Sean's lights are synchronized to consists of 15 songs. 

"For the average 3:00 - 3:30 song, you're looking at about 40 hours of programming," said Sean.

Sean's display includes lighted arches and lighted trees, including a "mega tree."

"The arches are actually 20 feet long, they have a 12 foot span. They stand at 7 feet high. Each arch has 1,600 lights. Each tree has 3 strands of 100 lights each and there are 8 mini trees. The mega tree is also 16 strands of red and green. I probably have a miles worth of extension cord," said Sean.

The hours of programming and weeks of set-up are all worth it to Sean, especially when people stop and enjoy the show.

"It's not the quantity of lights. It's the quality of the show that you put into it. If you can make your lights work right on par with the song, and it has to be spot on, people get it and they enjoy it," said Sean.

For information on other northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan synchronized light displays, including hours and the radio stations that synchronize music with them visit

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