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Couple gets surprise wedding in rental office

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Christmas is about giving.   The co-founder of Mothers of Murdered Offspring gives of herself all year long. So this Christmas season she surprised even herself by granting a couple an unusual wish.

Judy Williams is an organizer. She normally puts together vigils for families to say good bye.

"Usually what we do there's tears of sorrow and tears of pain," said Williams.

Her day job is running the rental office at the King's Park Apartments. A couple needing a place to live came into her office Tuesday, December 17th.

"Finding something in the budget what we're looking for, obviously something that's not in a high crime area," said Cedrice Brown.

"He lost his job about two months ago and I've been out of work since last Tuesday," said Melanie Stroud.

On the 17th, Williams met them for the first time.

"I said is that your husband? And she said, 'in a minute.' I looked at her again. In a minute?," said Williams. 

"She said, 'in a minute like today. You're going to go to a justice of the peace,'" said Stroud.

"Miss Judy is like you don't have to do that you can get married right here," said Brown, "We're like right here. This is a rental office."

"She runs gets this big box opens the tape up and bam there's a dress," said Stroud, "And we're just standing there in shock, like this lady has a dress."

"The gentleman who was sitting here he says, 'and by the way I am an ordained minister,'" said Williams, "We said, 'no.'"

"We weren't looking for a minister," said Brown, "We were looking for a place to stay." 

And an hour and a half later the rental office became a chapel.

"We had candles along the desk. We had candles over here," said Williams.

"This was like a Cinderella story minus the shoe with the dress," said Brown, "She comes through and she's just looking absolutely amazing. And we do our vows."

Williams said it was nice to see tears of joy.

"We were able to make that dream come true at Christmas," said Williams, "And I think at Christmas that's what Christmas is about."

"We didn't know a single person here but they were just all so willing to give," said Stroud, now Mrs. Brown, "And that really is the spirit of Christmas just being willing to give and help others."

Since we met the Browns, he now has a job that starts January 6th.   They're thrilled.  But they are still looking for a three bedroom apartment near West Meck High so their teens can still attend their same school.

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