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Congressman Mel Watt reflects on 21-year career of service

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Congressman Mel Watt told a group of reporters Monday that he did not want to get emotional about ending his service in District 12.

However, he admitted freely that he's shed more than a few tears the last several days.

Watt has been tapped by President Obama to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The two groups own or guarantee most of the home mortgages in the United States.

"Every time I think about some aspects of this I get emotional about it, but I'm going on to a job that I believe will help people also," said Watt.

He spoke about what he believes are his greatest accomplishments in Congress, including his work to secure federal funding for affordable housing and transportation improvements.

"I never did this to make a lifelong career out of it," said Watt. He said it's likely this would have been his last term in Congress, even without the federal appointment.

Watt said most of the candidates running to fill his seat has spoken to him about their aspirations. He said he is not giving any endorsements.

"It's bittersweet," he said.

Watt said his office has closed 25,000 constituent cases over the years. "There's always going to be more work to do," he said. Watt hopes his replacement brings passion and new energy to the seat.

He said he will not miss the politics of Congress or the fundraising. "It's demeaning. I will not miss it one iota," he said talking about the fundraising pressure.

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