Don't get scammed by Target scandal

Target announced that it had sent all forty million customers an email about the data breach.

This email announcement from Target opens the door for scammers to send out fake "Target" emails that contain viruses that can lead to identity theft.

The BBB has this advice for Target shoppers:

1)      Do not open a "Target" email if it is flagged by your operating system as spam or if it goes to your junk mail folder.

2)      Look at the sender's email address. The sender's domain name should end in "". If it has any other letters or numbers after the "@" symbol other than "", it is probably a scam email.

3)      If you get an email from "Target", DO NOT click on any links or download any attachments in the email, regardless of how real the email appears. Scammers can easily create emails and websites that look like the real company.

4)      If the email from Target does have links in it, you can HOVER over the link without clicking on it, to see what the web address is for the link. If the web address ends with anything other than "", it could be a scam.

For more information about phishing scams and identity theft, please visit BBB.