Osso Bucco

Presented by Chef John Soilis, Luciano's Ristorante Italiano
(Reduce accordingly for fewer servings)

15 veal shanks
2 bunches celery
7 carrots
4 onions
10 bay leaves
2 cups pealed garlic
2oz black ground pepper
salt to taste
2oz oregano
2oz thyme
1 quart white wine
1 can Italian tomatoes
1 quart tomato sauce
2 quarts chicken stock

Season, then flour the shanks.  Brown on all sides in oil, then remove, taking care not to burn the oil.  Discard some of the oil, then add chopped vegetables and herbs.  Brown well.  Add canned tomatoes and evaporate the juice.  Add wine and tomato sauce.  Place shanks back into pan, then add enough chicken stock to almost cover the meat.  Place pan in oven and cook until meat is tender.  Remove from pan to cool.  Wrap in foil.