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Jerry Orr forced retirement

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron with a very busy night in the WBTV Newsroom.

Charlotte's Aviation Director for decades, will be out of work January 1st. Jerry Orr was pushed to retire by the new Airport Commission. Many believe Orr was instrumental in the battle over the airport which saw the state-backed Airport Commission snatch control of Charlotte Douglas from the city.

We're also going to show you pictures of former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield's unfinished mansion going up in flames tonight. Firefighters used it as a practice blaze after the house was foreclosed when Mayfield ran into charges of using meth and receiving stolen property.

New pictures just in from the coast where that stuck ferry boat has finally been removed from a sandbar. We first reported the Bald Head Ferry was way off course when it ran aground earlier this week. The ferry company says its captain is suspended from work while the Coast Guard investigates.

And in my weekly Crime Stoppers report, the dumbest of crooks fires a shot to sever an electric cord. This happened inside a Waffle House restaurant in the middle of the night. His bullet did break the wire of the cash register he was trying to steal, but firing a shot into a tile floor with customers nearby ranks as one of the dumbest things we're seen.

Two days from the official start of winter and our weather is feeling like spring. Temperatures will push 70 for many of us before rain sets in during the weekend. Join Eric Thomas for his First Alert Forecast in just a few minutes from now on WBTV at 11:00!

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