Lake Norman house fire

Hello everyone, from the WBTV Newsroom, this is Paul Cameron.

In just a few minutes at 11:00, a firefighter was injured tonight battling a house fire in Cornelius. Neighbors across the street tell us they believe an array of Christmas lights started the blaze. The house is a total loss and we're checking on the firefighter's condition.

The news is not good about Marco Kauffman, the newly-wed who was shot in the back of the head by burglars. Kauffman's family is asking for a miracle through prayers. His doctors say his condition has worsened and they've done all they can.

Ever heard of geo-tagging? When you take a picture or video you are embedding a GPS location which anyone, including crooks, can read with the right equipment. So, if you take shots of your new flat screen TV, a criminal could know which house to burglarize. David Spunt is looking into ways you can foil the bad guys.

The hot cars of 2014? We're taking a look at the very good and very bad ones as rated by a top consumer magazine.

And Molly Grantham revisits the story of a young dying girl whose last wish was to grant others their wishes. It's the ten year anniversary of Hope Stout. Please join us at 11:00!