Asking for prayers

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00-- upsetting news about the young newlywed firefighter who got shot in the head during a burglary at his home. Marco Kauffman's family says his condition has worsened. They are asking for prayers and a miracle. Brigida Mack will have the latest information.

We're getting our first look at new test scores from students in C-M-S. They are showing Charlotte students outperforming students in other major cities across the country. Our education reporter Dedrick Russell is looking into why there's an uptick in the scoring.

Two people bought winning tickets in last night's huge $636 Million jackpot. They were sold in Atlanta, GA and San Jose, CA. We're waiting the winners to come forward.

The old "Top Gun" roller coaster ride at Carowinds is getting a new paint job. We've got a Sky3 view of crews painting the top of the 14-year old coaster which has been renamed, "afterburn."

Eric Thomas is looking at possible rain for Sunday's big Panthers home game with the Saints. He'll be along with his First Alert Forecast for the weekend. We'll see you at 5:00!