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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools get test results

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More test scores for Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) district were revealed on Wednesday. And the district felt better about these scores that last test scores. That's when the district experienced a dip in scores because of a new test.

CMS Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison shared results from the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests. It's called the Nation's Report Card and CMS outscored many cities.

The school district is one of 21 cities participating in NAEP's Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA). Other cities participating include Boston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami-Dade and other urban cities.

The test results include reading and math in grades four and eight. 1338 CMS students in 34 schools participated. There was a sampling of students who took the test. This marks 10 years since CMS starting participating in the Trial Urban District Assessment.

Results show CMS students ranked #1 in Math and #2 in Reading.

"Our results not only put us above other cities," CMS Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison said. "But our state and our nation. It shows we are making good progress, that we are setting the bar."

CMS says there was a sampling of students that reflected the district's demographics.

"They make sure they work on having English language learners to participate," CMS Chief Accountability Officer Frank Barnes said. "That exceptional children can participate and make sure they are racially diverse as well."

Morrison believes this will show parents their children are in a good district.

"It would give me a great deal of confidence," Morrison said. "That progress is being made and there is commitment to see that progress continues."

The maximum score was 500 and CMS students average 289 in 8th grade Math. CMS reports more students did better on the test this time around than the last time students took the test.

"The fact that we continue to see a decrease in student below basic," Morrison said. "And more students moving to that proficient, advanced level is exactly what we want to see, but we need to accelerate it."

CMS says it will further examine the test results specifically as it relates to closing the achievement gap between black and white students.

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