Reporter Notebook: Erica Parsons gone from the headlines, but not a cold case

Reporter Notebook: Erica Parsons gone from the headlines, but not a cold case

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Her name and face were mainstays for local television and newspapers for weeks but it seems now that images of missing Rowan County teenager Erica Parsons have largely disappeared from the media.

But even if the story doesn't get the attention it once did, it doesn't mean the case has gone cold.

While tips from the community have largely dried up over the last few weeks, the case is still active, and a combined reward of $15,000 for information is still available.

Investigators from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, the SBI, and the FBI are all still working on the case.  The most recent development in that area was the appearance of several members of the Parsons family being called to testify to a federal grand jury in Greensboro.

The most recent development involving Casey and Sandy Parsons occurred the first week in December when a judge determined that Erica had likely suffered mental and physical abuse while she lived with her adoptive parents.  That determination was part of the ongoing custody hearing involving the two youngest children of Casey and Sandy Parsons.

In January that same judge is expected to announce her decision on the permanent custody of the children.  For now the children are staying with Casey Parsons parents.  They do visit the Rowan County courthouse every Tuesday for a supervised visit that includes family members and DSS officials.

The case still has an active presence on social media where followers eagerly post any development or any tip. Followers are urged to continue to pray for Erica and pray that she be found alive and safe, even though there hasn't been one verified sighting of the now 15 year old girl in more than two years.

As far as media attention, it too has largely dried up.  For the most part, WBTV, other Charlotte television stations, and the Salisbury Post still try to follow any development in the case.  Reporters check with the Sheriff's Office and the office of the Clerk of Court most every day, asking for any update, looking for search warrants or any other court documents that might shed new light on the case.

The national media, that once showed a strong interest in the case, now relies on local affiliates for updates.

As far as the main object of the story goes, Erica Parsons is still missing, and whether she is dead or alive isn't known to any degree of certainty.  Anyone with information on Erica's whereabouts or anyone who may have information on what happened to her is asked to contact the Rowan Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8700.