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See, Click, Fix: Tryon Street Ponding Fixed


We've had a lot of rain recently and that created a problem for drivers in north Charlotte.  But it's a little safer along a certain stretch of road following a See, Click, Fix investigation.

You may have heard it said that rain and Charlotte traffic just don't mix.  That was certainly the case along North Tryon Street near Pavilion Boulevard.

Streets are treacherous enough when it's raining, but a viewer alerted us to a spot where water was ponding in the road.  When the rain was heaviest the ponding would stretch across an entire lane of traffic.  Combine that with a 55 mile per hour speed limit and that equals danger.

But the problem has now been See, Click, Fixed. 

The problem was basically a question of the road being lower than the shoulder.  That, in turn, was blocking water from draining and thus, causing the ponding.

So workers came out and cleared a path for the water to drain.  In fact, they cleared two paths.

The water now goes through the drainage area, down the embankment, and into the creek that runs alongside the road.

It appears to be working.  The viewer who initially contacted me said there was no ponding at all during last week's heavy rains.

And with no ponding that means it's much safer for anyone traveling down that section of Tryon Street.

Kudos to North Carolina DOT workers for taking such quick action once I let them know there was a problem.

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