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Woman warns people to double check their health insurance enrollment

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The deadline to sign up for health Insurance through Healthcare.gov is looming.  If people want their insurance to take effect January 1, then they need to be enrolled by Monday. Many of the technical glitches on the web site have been hammered out.  But there are still problems.

Glenna Kaplan of Lincoln County said she hasn't had health insurance for 12 years.  We are all aware of the technical problems Healthcare.gov had during the launch in October.  Kaplan said when it didn't work in October she was willing to wait.

Kaplan said she used the healthcare.gov call center at the beginning of December.  The operator helped her fill out the application over the phone and said she was enrolled in a plan. Kaplan thought she was all set.  But she isn't.  When she went to check that the health insurance company had her information, they didn't.

Kaplan said she remembers the conversation with the healthcare.gov operator.

"She said, 'If you do this one after your subsidy your payment will be $13.56.' I said great that's good,'" said Kaplan.

But Kaplan has a warning for anyone signing up.

"Just because it says it's submitted doesn't mean it is," said Kaplan.

After that call, Kaplan received a letter confirming her subsidy amount from the Health Insurance Marketplace showing her subsidy is for $513.  But when she goes online to try and sign up again for the plan she wants it's for a lesser amount.

"It said my tax subsidy was $426 on that page," said Kaplan.

She's called back four times to see if someone can fix the discrepancy. And she called again.

"I have a reporter here from one of our local stations and we're trying to see if we can get some help," said Kaplan to the operator.

The first operator said he will turn over Kaplan's problem to the advanced resolution center.

"They will be back in contact with you within in 2 to 5 business days," he said. 

"I've gotten told that several times.  They don't call me they don't email me," Kaplan replied.

Kaplan then tried to speak to his supervisor.

"They are aware that Monday is right around the corner," said the supervisor.

It looked like she was making progress. But the supervisor said the same thing.

"We have to submit that information and once they get a hold of it they will make attempts to contact you," said the supervisor.

"Is there somebody higher up than you that I can talk to?" asked Kaplan.

The supervisor's supervisor said only the tech team could fix it.

"The technicians would not make outbound calls. All they do is read the feedback we submit to them," said the third person, "And they address them in the order that they receive them."

She hung up frustrated.

"Why are all those people saying someone will call me back when they don't make calls back?" said Kaplan.

She wants insurance and doesn't know if she'll get it.

"That's the thing they're messing with my life," said Kaplan, "And they're not telling me the truth."

Kaplan said she will call every day, but she added she is close to reaching her breaking point.

"I'm frustrated.  I'm just really frustrated.  Right now, I'm ready to just give up and say I'll pay the penalty and not have insurance because I don't know what else to do," said Kaplan.

Kaplan has also been told by the operators that she can delete all of her information and start all over again. But she said she doesn't want to lose the $513 dollar a month subsidy. For her, it's the difference of paying $13 a month or $100 a month for the health insurance plan she wants.

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