A shot to remember: Gloria's Goal

Gloria scores for East Burke

CONNELLY SPRINGS, NC (WBTV) - Gloria Muentener always wanted the chance to play in a basketball game with the ladies of the East Burke High School team, Friday was her chance.

The 19 year old was born with a learning disability and is in special education classes at EBHS. She's been the team's manager but longed for the chance to play.

Last Friday in the game against Burns, Head coach Katie Bollinger decided it was time for Gloria to come off the bench.

"Anybody that knows me knows that I'm cut throat and I want to win win win," said Coach Bollinger, "But there was that opportunity that we could put Gloria in the game."

And so it happened. Number 42 went in and ended up with at least 4 shots. She missed each one. Gloria will tell you, each one took its toll on her, then only made her more determined. "I just kept telling myself to shake it off, that I would get it when the time is right," Gloria said.

She got some traction with an assist in the first half. Then, in the second, she took a pass and from the 3-point-line, shot and drained it.

The crowd roared. Fans from both teams came up out of their seats.

It's something Gloria says she will never forget. Her team mates say they'll never forget it. Coach Bollinger says the same.

Gloria's goal might just go down in EBHS Basketball history as the shot heard around the county.

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