First for Mecklenburg

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron back with you from the WBTV Newsroom.

A first for Mecklenburg County-- Commissioners are in the process of hiring a woman as new County Manager. Dena Diorio was an assistant to Harry Jones who was unceremoniously dismissed back in the summer. Many have speculated Jones' firing was based partly on the botched 2011 property revaluation that had some residents screaming bloody murder.

The NC Association of Educators Union is at it again-- filing lawsuit against the state and demonstrating in Governor McCrory's office. They're not happy the state is doing away with some of the protections afforded teachers with tenure. Unfortunately for them, the protest is falling on deaf ears. Gov. McCrory is on vacation and out of state.

A woman accused of the brutal stabbing of what prosecutors say was her romantic rival, learned she will face the death penalty. When the judge informed Marlene Johnson of her possible fate, she began crying, shaking and was taken to the hospital. Johnson is charged in the murder of Shirley Pierce back in July. Our David Whisenant is in the courtroom covering the proceedings.

And, a health alert tonight-- measles are making a comeback. The CDC now suggests you get your kids vaccinated.

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