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Big trucks may get banned in Old Town Bluffton


A newly proposed traffic law in Bluffton could ban big trucks from driving in the town's historic district of Old Town Bluffton.

Town officials say it's all in an effort to make Old Town safer. 

If town council approves the ban, dump trucks, semitrailers or any other big truck that doesn't have business in Old Town will not be allowed to drive on Bridge Street, Bruin Road, May River Road, and Bluffton Road. They are already restricted on Calhoun Street.

"The trucks are heavy," said Karen Jarrett, the town's transportation project manager. "They're hard to stop with pedestrians and commercial activity, it's much more difficult. "

Local buses, vans, and pickup trucks would be exempt from the ban, along with trucks making deliveries, pickups or responding to an emergency.

"It will make the Old Town area much safer," said Jarrett.

Big trucks will still be allowed to use Buckwalter Parkway, Bluffton Parkway, HWY 278 and HWY 170.

Council is still trying to decide how they will police this, but they say some type of citation will be issued to violators if the ban passes.

City Council will have their second and final reading on the proposed ban on Jan 14.

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