Colorado school shooting

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

We're following a shooting at a school near Denver, Colorado. According to the Sheriff, a student walked into Arapahoe High School with a shotgun looking for a particular teacher. That teacher got word and quickly exited the school. Another student confronted the gunman and was shot. That student is in critical condition. Another student suffered minor injuries. Police were on scene 14 minutes after the call came in. They found the shooter dead of an apparent suicide. They are actively sweeping the school to make sure there were no accomplices.

Who will be Mecklenburg's next County Manager? Reporter Steve Crump tells us he's learned of five candidates who are getting interviewed behind closed doors.

Charlotte's new mayor was in Washington, DC today. Patrick Cannon met with President Obama and 15 other newly elected mayors to talk about ways they can work together with the federal government.

The mega-millions lottery is up to $425,000,000-- that's a lot of zeros. It's the 5th largest ever and there is a drawing tonight.

Chilly and dry today-- Eric Thomas say the chill stays, but the dry goes away. He's calling for a cold rain on Saturday.

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