COPY-The N Charlotte Toyota Highlander takes on the Honda Pilot!

We know as well as anyone at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership that the current automotive market presents quite a few choices. Even after you've narrowed your search down to style – choosing a sedan, truck, SUV, etc. – you still have to choose a make, and then a model. It can be a lot to take on at once and some NC drivers find it overwhelming! However, don't let it stress you out – we're here to help! 

See how the 2014 Toyota Highlander compares to the Honda Pilot

We have a ton of best-selling new Toyota near Charlotte at our dealership, and you can take any of them out for a spin to see if they suit your drive time needs. However, how do you know they're the right fit when compared to other makes and similar models? 

One of our most popular new Toyota options is the
2014 Toyota Highlander near Charlotte… and it hasn't even arrived on our lot yet! There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this new Toyota SUV; it should be here any moment and it's packing a major redesign and new technology to boot. Toyota has released all the details surrounding this iconic SUV, and we're stacking it up against one of its closest competitors: the Honda Pilot! 

  • One factor that a lot of NC Toyota drivers take into account when looking for a new ride is price – the 2014 Toyota Highlander near Charlotte is the victor in this arena! It has a lower starting MSRP of $29,020, while the Honda Pilot kicks off at $29,670. 
  • You'll also love the versatility and spaciousness that the interior of the new Toyota Highlander has to offer. Both this new SUV and the Honda Pilot can seat up to eight, but the Toyota model has a second-row bench seat that can be easily stowed to create extra space! 
  • Did we mention performance? We know that a lot of NC Toyota drivers are looking for particular aspects when it comes to performance, and the N Charlotte Toyota Highlander delivers – you'll get the choice of a 4-cylinder or V6 engine, while you'll only get the option of the V6 in the Honda Pilot. Additionally, the Toyota SUV offers extremely impressive maneuverability and handling, especially on the highways! 


What makes the N Charlotte Toyota Highlander such a popular option?

That's not all this new Toyota SUV has to offer, though, especially when you consider the redesign headed our way for the new model year! You'll see a sleek new style on the exterior with a lower and more aggressive profile, new technology integrated into the interior for extra efficient and connectivity, and a plush and luxurious interior that still manages to be family-friendly. What's not to love? 

See how the 2014 Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte handles in person – it'll be at our dealership soon and you can take it out for a spin! Give us a call to get more details on this impressive SUV; you can reach us seven days a week at (888) 883-3797! We'll see you soon!