Boy suspended for hand gesture

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

A 5-year old, suspended from school, for making a hand gesture like he's shooting a gun. His father is outraged. He says his son was at recess playing "army." The principal says there's a zero tolerance policy at school.

Have you ever left something of value locked in your car? Perhaps you forgot your iPhone or wallet? Maybe just a Christmas present? Police say this time of year, you'd better check twice before Mr. Naughty (not nice) comes calling.  There's been a rash of car break ins and stolen purses at area malls. Our reporter David Spunt is looking into the latest arrest of a man police are linking to a series of these thefts.

A shooting in East Charlotte leaves three teenagers wounded. We're hearing the gunfire ended what started as a simple fight.

The US House of Representatives tonight passed a bipartisan budget deal by a sweeping margin. Now it faces a tougher battle in the Senate.

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