Wireless upgrades at Bank of America Stadium

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you have been a Carolina Panther's fan for a while, and you've attended games at Bank of America Stadium, you know it hasn't always been easy to use your smart phone.

With so many people in the stands trying to text, Tweet, Facebook and call all at the same time, the service could be slow and spotty.

Before the start of this season, the team partnered with AT & T to upgrade the wireless capabilities throughout the stadium.  Today they made public their efforts.

"Without this new infrastructure we wouldn't be able to support the fans that we have," said Panthers IT Director Jon Credit.

Now there are nearly 200 more wi-fi access points in the stadium which will allow for speedy service. So far this season, 50% more data has been exchanged by fans in the stadium than last year.

This effort also helps the Panthers stay competitive with their greatest competition which is a fan's living room.

"There's no weather there.  No rain or cold.  They get to watch replays, look at fantasy scores and stats.  They can flip the channel and go back and watch another game at the same time during commercial breaks," Credit said.

Now with improved wireless capabilities the team can offer instant replays from several angles using the Panthers app along with other high-tech ways to enjoy the game day experience in the stadium.

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