Church helps make huge smiles at elementary school

Students get surprise

The kids had no clue why they were called into an assembly at Greenway Park Elementary School on Wednesday morning. "They thought it was some sort of behavioral assembly. They thought they were in trouble and I was like, 'nope that's not what it was,'" said fifth grade teacher Sarah Faulkenberry.

Just after 10a.m. the principal announced a group of special visitors to the school. To understand how special these visitors are, you have to know how much they're needed at the school. Greenway Park is a Title 1 school. What some kids consider commonplace, the kids at Greenway Park might never even dream of.

"It's closing the gap, because now that CMS has opened up to students bringing technology from home, it's not quite fair for those that are disadvantaged," Faulkenberry said with tears.

But Sarah is also a member of the New Charlotte Church congregation. They adopted Greenway Park and members have spent countless hours volunteering at the school. The church raised $60,000 to buy 100 iPads. When the pastor announced they were giving them to the school, the kids went crazy with excitement and smiles.

"Those kids are pumped. They're really pumped about all this and that makes me feel like it was all worth it," said Sarah.

The money also funded a special resource room for teachers, stocked with items like coats, shoes, socks and other supplies kids might need.

A very special day for teachers and students alike, thanks to the generosity of a group of people committed to helping.

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