Obamacare numbers

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

New numbers out today show modest gains for government insurance. Through the end of November, only 365,000 have signed up for health plans under Obamacare-- that's about a third of what was expected and needed to make the program work. As for who is signing up, the government isn't saying how many young and healthy are part of that one-third million registered. It's those young and healthy who are needed in droves to help pay for the older and infirmed.

The FAA just released video of the Asiana Airlines passenger jet crash at San Francisco International. After seeing the video, you'll think to yourself how anyone could have survived. Three passengers didn't live after the tail of the jet hit the end of the runway and broke off on landing.

Funny line from today's annual Good Fellows luncheon in front of an overflow crowd at the Charlotte Convention Center-- "What do you get when you cross John Edwards with Cam Newton? Someone who knows how to make a pass." The Good Fellows try to raise $350,000 in just an hour to help people in need during the holidays.

Hope to see you at 5:00!